Our Charges

The way we charge for our services is tailored to your own specific circumstances after an initial review of your matter with you. We will send you our letter of engagement with our terms and conditions which will set out the work that that has been agreed, the fee earner or partner that will be dealing with your matter and the basis on which we will charge for our fees including our charge rates.

Fixed or Capped Fees - We may be able to offer a fixed or a capped fee. If so, we will set out the scope of work we will deliver at that price. A fixed or capped fee will be based on assumptions and conditions. Where these do not hold true, for work outside the agreed scope and for all work not subject to a fixed or a capped fee we charge for the time we spend working for you at our hourly rate.

Hourly Rates – Where our Partners, Consultants and trainees Solicitors are charged at an hourly rate, we will provide you with details of their charge rates in our engagement letter. We may have occasional need to charge for work done on your matter by administrative staff. The charge that would be levied would be dependent on the type of work to be carried out and you will be notified about the charge in advance of the work being carried out. We record time in 10 minute units.

Estimates - Any estimates we provide are based on conditions and assumptions and our understanding of the work we are to undertake. An estimate is not a cap and we may exceed our estimates.

Experience and qualifications – Our solicitors are all highly experienced and qualified solicitors holding a valid practicing certificate. Our trainee solicitors working on your matters would be supervised by a qualified solicitor.

Disbursements - In connection with your matter we may incur third party costs in your name (a 'disbursement'). If so, we charge these to you in their entirety including VAT where applicable.

In contentious cases these will include court fees, Counsel’s fees, external photocopying charges and expert fees. In non-contentious cases these may include stamp duty, Land Registry fees, probate fees and external photocopying charges.

We may also incur costs in our name in relation to your matter. Examples of these are search fees, courier fees, telegraphic transfer fees and such other costs. VAT will be levied on such expenses when they are charged to you. Where telegraphic transfers are carried out, an administrative charge in addition to the bank’s charge will be levied on each transaction. We will also charge a fixed fee of 1.5% of the Professional charges for that matter, plus VAT, in respect of telephone calls, internal photocopying and other petty disbursements.

There may be other disbursements and costs incurred which are specific to your transaction. We will notify you in advance of any such costs before they are incurred.

VAT- At present, VAT is 20%. VAT will be charged on our fees and relevant expenses unless not applicable.